INTERCOM started operations in 1966 as a supplier of spare parts for drilling equipment in PETROLEOS MEXICANOS and fuel for power plants in COMISIÓN FEDERAL DE ELECTRICIDAD, that is why thanks to these superficial activities in these industries it is becoming familiar with the energy activity. 

Ten years later, in 1976, it was his turn to participate in a period of historical importance in the oil industry, which is when PEMEX doubled its production between the years 76 and 80 and INTERCOM participated in the construction of almost 700 km of pipelines for oil and gas transport, both terrestrial as marine.

As well as promoting and developing private financing projects that include turbo machinery for oil & gas and electricity generation.

Currently we develop energy projects in a wide range, which includes electricity generation by all methods including clean energy and biofuel production mainly.                                                                                               

Services & Experience                                               

INTERCOM has the technological support of important equipment suppliers and national and international firms specialized in manufacturing and rebuilding noble parts for gas turbines and other components, which puts us in a position to offer our clients the intervention of plants from periodic inspections to major inspections.

The interest in energy businesses changes the course of our activities and in 1981 the decision was made to increase added value to our company, which consists in developing thermal power plants based on gas turbines. 

The agreements that were held with ALSTHOM ATLANTIQUE at that time made possible access to GE Frame 5000 and 6000 gas turbine technologies (25 and 37.5 MW). 

Starting with these power ranges, INTERCOM provided service to PETRÓLEOS MEXICANOS for the maintenance and sale of this equipment. 

Concluding this activity in the procurement of a 25 MW plant in the San Croix virgin islands, for the VIWAPA Water and Electricity Authority. 

By the 1990s, INTERCOM's technical team had already had to acquire experience in wide technological ranges for pollution control of hazardous waste and gases. 

For 1991 INTERCOM made an international achievement of special relevance, which consisted of winning a tender in association with BABCOCK & WILCOX of Spain for a 160 Mw conventional steam power plant for INDE in Guatemala (Proy. Champerico). ready to use Colombian coal as fuel. 

Meanwhile in Mexico the technical department of INTERCOM was requested by the FEDERAL ELECTRICITY COMMISSION to develop the latest technology concerning repowering the plants with gas turbine or combined cycle by means of the intake air cooling system, this procedure was developed in association with York Refrigeration. 

In 1998 INTERCOM is already a company recognized as a          professional consultant for what concerns the engineering and development of thermal plants in any cycle.

In 2001 INTERCOM participates in the contests promoted by the California USA Department of Hydraulic Resources (DWR) to mitigate the electrical crisis that occurred around that time. 

INTERCOM wins a tender for the 10-year DWR capacity rental agreement with EPC for a plant to solve peak situations. With these characteristics: 400Mw Nom. 2X Mitsubishi 501F repowered and open cycle. INTERCOM wins a 200 MW per hour (6x16) contract for the sale of firm energy (FEPA) to the California DWR for 2 years. 

This contract was executed by our subsidiary in California without setbacks and problems for the client and places INTERCOM among the Mexican companies that have sold the most electricity amount to the United States, on that time.



It should be noted that INTERCOM's participation in these tenders is historic since it was the only foreign company in the contest. With the experience gained from these contracts in the United States, INTERCOM is in a position to continue in the field of developing thermoelectric plants in the United States through its subsidiary TEXAS INTERCOM ENERGY LLC.

Contract with the FEDERAL ELECTRICITY COMMISSION For the procurement and installation of a hazardous gas mitigation system for reactor 2 of the NUK LAGUNA VERDE, in addition to another contract consisting in the design, procurement and installation of two refrigeration units (2,400 Ton) for the external cooling of reactor I. 

Contract for the repair, together with ALSTOM POWER, of a 25 Mw PEMEX generator. Major maintenance to the MS5001GE turbogenerator in PEMEX. 

INTERCOM is invited as a consultant, directly by the Governments of several South American Countries to participate in the development of turnkey combined cycle projects.

INTERCOM develops a 160 MW internal combustion plant located in Atotonilco de Tula Hidalgo to provide electricity to PEMEX Refining in a self-supply system.

The project is fully developed for 2007 in its first phase as follows:

• Site identified and purchased with sufficient water for the project

• Electrical interconnection

• Ecological feasibilities

• Land use permits

• Financing and contracted technology

• Engineering completed


INTERCOM adopts and updates the best available technology to use municipal solid waste as fuel to power steam generating plants, this process is called WASTE TO ENERGY. 

And for these purposes, it negotiated strategic alliances with several companies specialized in the combustion of RDF (refuse derived fuel) in the United States. 

Each of these firms give the necessary support to INTERCOM to develop projects with these characteristics. 

INTERCOM develops the "TENOCHTITLAN I" project for the Government of Mexico City, which consists of:

 • An integrated steam plant that consumes 1000 tons / day of RDF with its accessories and produces 27 MW of electricity 

• The technology of heat recovery burners and ecological control elements for exhaust gases are technically well developed and tuned up to date.

INTERCOM carries out an important effort and work in the research area to integrate various energy related systems such as:

• New forms of renewable energy

• Treatment systems for all types of effluents derived from industrial activity

• Systems for maintenance of industrial equipment

• Development of the fourth and last technological phase for the design of WTE plants owned by INTERCOM.

• Development of second generation process technology for  ethanol production.