Biofuel Production

The trend in these times is to go towards the development of technologies that include renewable energy sources with very low environmental impact.

The inclusion of ethanol in gasoline as an oxygenator and a precursor of octane is today.

We are currently developing a power plant that produces 260,000 liters of ethanol in the first generation using the novel sweet sorghum crop as raw material, which is very high-yielding in the production of fermentable sugary juices. This project is under development in the municipality of Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas.

Thanks to our own technological and engineering support, we have conceptualized efficient biomass pretreatment systems and located low-cost enzymes that would make the second generation process of ethanol production profitable. Thus taking a step forward in the latest technology to produce biofuel.

In the agricultural production area, we have fully developed the industrial method of tissue multiplication in our laboratory located in Tlaxcala, which consists of practically cloning a original plant (mother plant) in thousands of seedlings that have productive characteristics far superior to those of a wild plant, which results in a very considerable increase in the productive efficiency of the industrial process for which they are intended. In addition to fully guaranteeing the availability of plants to grow.

From this technology we have derived in developing the complete technique to produce INULIN, a substance that is used in the food industry and is currently in great demand, from either tequila agave or pulper maguey.